When remodeling your interior, the cabinets are a crucial piece of the puzzle. As functional as they are, they also serve an important stylistic purpose and are often where guests first look. Old, outdated cabinets can seriously bring down the overall design of a home, so it's recommended that you keep them looking fresh.

If you've been considering upgrading the cabinets of your Greenville home, you'll be pleased to learn that multiple styles are available. Bathroom and residential kitchen cabinets come in countless variations, and it can be hard to choose one that suits your home. In this guide, we'll cover the three key aspects that you should focus on to help you find the right cabinet door style.

Step 1: Choose a Cabinet Door Style

This is where you'll begin your cabinet remodeling process, and where you should focus the most attention. Cabinets come in a range of structural styles, each of which is built in a slightly different way. Your choice is largely dependent on what type of energy you're looking to create in your home.

For a more dated, rustic vibe, go with a raised panel, as this adds a little bit of character to the home. If you prefer something more minimal, a slab cabinet door will look great. For a middle-ground option, choose a shaker or recessed door panel for the best of both worlds.

Step 2: Choose the Material

Once the style is chosen, it's time to pick a material. Cabinet material options come at a variety of price points, so you'll have no problem finding something that suits your budget. Some of the most common options include:

  • Solid Wood: The more expensive option, solid wood has the advantage of coming in a range of different wood grains like maple, ash, or oak.
  • Plywood: Plywood may sound simple, but it can add elegance when it's finished correctly.
  • Particle Board: For those seeking the most affordable option, particle board provides style and cost-effectiveness, but durability is often sacrificed.

Step 3: Pick a Paint Color or Finish

After selecting the style and material, it's time to finish off the cabinets. If you've selected solid wood, you'll likely just want to apply a wood finish to help bring out the natural texture. Plywood can be finished as well, or it can be painted to match your tastes. Particle board generally comes ready to install and can't be finished or customized with paint.

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