Have you considered changing the layout of your home's bathroom? When deciding on what to do with your bathtub area, you may wonder if replacing it with a shower is the better choice. 

Converting your old bathtub into a new shower can bring many benefits to your bathroom. This article will cover the three primary reasons to consider changing your old bathtub into a shower. 

Easier to Clean

When replacing your bathtub with a new shower, you can enjoy lower maintenance for your bathroom. Showers typically require less space than bathtubs and have less surface area to clean.

If you are tired of scrubbing your bathtub frequently, a replacement shower may be the best choice for you. Additionally, there are showers featuring mold and mildew-resistant coatings to help with upkeep. 

More Convenient Bathing Choice

For many people, taking a bath is something that is better suited as an occasional practice or a nighttime activity. The setup and preparation of taking a bath takes far longer than bathing with a shower.

When you want an efficient bathing option to start your day, the ideal option is a shower. You can shower within minutes and start your day without the hassle of filling a bathtub. 

Accessibility and Safety

Unlike bathtubs, a shower does not have a tall barrier restricting access to those with mobility restrictions. When you or a loved one needs an accessible bathroom feature, a shower can be customized to fit your needs.

A shower can be fitted with the following accessibility features for better access:

  • Grab Bars
  • Built-In Seating
  • Low Threshold 
  • Handheld Shower

If you need a shower that suits someone in a wheelchair, a roll-in shower features no threshold to enter. A user can keep their bathing independence longer and feel confident in their safety. 

Unlike accessible walk-in bathtubs, the handicap-friendly showers can be easily utilized by other members of the home. While improving safety, everyone in the property can still enjoy the benefits of a shower.

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