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Bath Liners

Many homeowners consider bath liners a remedy for a damaged, stained, or outdated tub, but a bath liner remodel doesn’t offer the same versatility as a replacement tub. Palmetto Bath installs custom replacement tubs for about the same cost as a liner—and we complete most installations in just one day.

When you opt for a liner, you’re limited to your tub’s current style, but with a replacement tub, you can choose any style you’d like. We offer top-rated Bath Planet tubs that are custom-designed and fabricated based on detailed measurements for a perfect fit.

Considering a bathtub liner? Let’s talk about how a replacement tub offers many more benefits for roughly the same price!

Stylish, Durable Replacement Bathtubs

Installing a replacement bathtub is a small change that makes a big impact on your bathroom’s style and functionality. In fact, you can completely transform the look of your space with this fast, affordable update.

Our bath replacements offer many benefits that make them superior to liners, including:

  • Dozens of Style and Color Combinations
  • Custom Fabricated Based on Detailed Measurements for a Flawless Fit
  • Made from Durable Acrylic That Won’t Chip, Crack, or Stain
  • Nonporous Surface for Easy Cleaning
  • Accessible Options Available
  • Most Replacement Bathtubs Ready in One Day
  • Backed by Industry-Leading Warranties

Don’t settle for the so-so results you’ll get from a bath liner when we can give you the exact look you want with a premium replacement tub!

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