Your shower is an important part of any bathroom since that is where most people go to wash away the rigors of the day. Just like other things in the world though, your shower can always be improved, especially if you are planning on getting a remodel. Today, the shower experts here at Palmetto Bath will go over the top 3 accessories you need for your shower remodel! 

Built-In Seating For Your Shower

Built-in seating in your shower is a top accessory you must have for your shower remodel. Built-in seating is perfect for those with limited mobility as well as those who want to enjoy a more spa-like experience with their shower. From sitting in your shower while letting warm water splash down on you to upgrading your bathroom to become a safer and more accessible option for those with limited mobility, built-in seating is definitely an accessory you should consider adding to your shower. 

New Shower Shelving

Shelving is an overlooked part of the showering experience. With shelving, you can have a more organized shower experience to store your items while having more convenience when it comes to grabbing the items you need when showering. You won’t have to worry about knocking things over as you are showering, which can also reduce the risk of injury. With shower shelving, you store and organize items such as:

  • Body Washes
  • Shampoos
  • Razors
  • Loofahs
  • And more! 

Safety Grab Bars

Showering is meant to be an enjoyable experience for everyone, unfortunately injuries do happen including to seniors and people who are experiencing some form of limited mobility. To reduce the risk of potential slips and falls in your shower, consider adding safety grab bars in your shower. With safety grab bars, you can provide a safer showering experience for everyone who wants to use your shower. No more worrying about slipping and falling which can cause serious injury.

Upgrade Your Shower With These Accessories

With these three shower accessories, you can upgrade your new shower remodel for both you and everyone else who will use it! Of course, there are many more accessories that you can add to your shower, but we think these 3 accessories can really improve your showering experience. Next time you start using your newly remodeled shower, you will experience more benefits than your previous shower.