If you’re stuck with a small bathroom, there probably isn’t a lot of flexibility in your square footage. But that doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with a bathroom that doesn’t meet your hygiene routine needs. For some, showers can be impossible. For others, climbing into a bathtub to take a shower is unsafe. Stop struggling with a small bathroom that doesn’t fit your needs and consider these space-efficient ideas to update your small bathroom.

Choose a Compact Tub or Walk-In Tub

Both a 4.5 foot compact tub and a walk-in tub offer a little more flexibility thanks to their smaller footprint. A traditional bathtub takes up five feet in length. And that works because the average bathroom is five feet by eight feet. If you’re tight on space, a smaller bathtub can provide a place to bathe the kids or take a quick soak. And many of these models don’t feel like a compromise at all. In fact, many walk-in tubs are outfitted with hydrotherapy jets and climate-control features that are actually a step up from a traditional bathtub.

Use an Angled Shower to Free Up Walking Room

Most showers are square or rectangular in shape. And while straight edges are clean and efficient, there are more geometric possibilities that can help save a little space. The neo-angled shower base features a square shape with one corner lopped off and replaced with an angled access point. These showers are typically paired with a glass surround and door that allows the maximum light flow to give the illusion of space. These angled showers are sometimes also referred to as triangle showers.

Brighten the Space with Natural Light

Visual tricks can go along way towards making a small space feel more comfortable and inviting. When it comes to colors, stick with bright and white for maximum light reflectivity. Also, embrace glass surfaces that allow natural light to permeate the room. Use windows to your advantage with privacy screens. And select larger mirrors to double the light-reflecting real estate in your small bathroom. Fill out a form online for help creating the perfect small bathroom solution with a free, in-home consultation and estimate.