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Greenville, SC Kitchen Cabinet Accessories Company

No kitchen cabinet update is complete without accessories. In many ways, this is where you can express true style with your installation. There's no point in refacing your cabinets only to be stuck with handles you can't stand to use.

At Palmetto Bath, we have a large assortment of accessories for you to choose from. We understand all our customers' unique design requests, and we work hard to create a solution that works well for them. We're Greenville, South Carolina's best kitchen cabinet refacing company, and have over 20 years of industry experience. Furthermore, we only use in-house contractors and are proud to be locally owned and operated.

Make Your Greenville Cabinets Pop with Accessories

Without accessories on your cabinets, the whole kitchen would look like a blank slab of wood. Although cabinets may generally look the same from one house to another, accessories are where personality can be expressed. Palmetto Bath has a wide variety of ornate and functional products that you can implement into your cabinet update. All of our accessories come from reputable brands with impressive manufacturer warranties, and we offer plenty of financing options in case you need a little help. Some of your choices include:

  • Hinges: Whether you want a matte black hinge, a shimmering gold or silver hinge, or something that blends into the cabinet box, we've got you covered.
  • Knobs and Pulls: We stock all the modern cabinet door handles you need for a beautiful renovation. From standard knobs to bar and bow handles, you'll have no problem finding a product that suits your needs.
  • Molding: What better way to add charm and sophistication to your cabinet than with a little bit of intricate molding?
  • Soft-Close Hardware: Sick of cabinet doors slamming behind you? Our functional soft-close hardware ensures that your cabinets close smoothly and gently.
  • Slide Outs: With cabinet slide outs, you'll have no problem accessing all your pots, pans, and cookware.

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Renovating your Northwest South Carolina kitchen with new cabinets is always a good investment, but don't forget the importance of accessories! By hiring Palmetto Bath to handle your remodel, you'll always have a wide selection of products available. In addition to kitchen cabinets, we provide bathroom cabinet refacing in Greenville.

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