Textured Shower

Bathroom remodeling is a great opportunity to liven up an otherwise outdated home. Many Palmetto area homeowners choose to install new fixtures when investing in renovations. While this is a great way to boost appearance and function, it doesn't do much for unique aesthetics. If you value a personal design element in your home, it's important to consider style. One of the best locations to accomplish this in the bathroom is with the bathtub and shower.

Your bathtub and shower surround can be customized with a variety of texturized options. Depending on your South Carolina bathroom remodeler, there will be multiple options available to you. Let's look at some of the most popular choices, and what features to look out for.

Selecting Your Bathtub and Shower Wall Material

The most exciting part of your bathtub or shower remodel is choosing the material for the surround. There are various high-quality options available, each with its own look and benefits. When selecting a material, keep your budget in mind as there is an immense variety in costs. However, the pricier you go, the more likely you are to have completely unique-looking bathing fixtures. Some of the most popular surround choices include:

  • Stone Surrounds: This is the most premium choice you can make, but it offers unparalleled style. Stone can come as one large wall, making it difficult to repair if a crack occurs, or it can come in asymmetrical sections for an authentic look.
  • Tile Wall: A tile wall offers a luxurious, but classic look to a bathtub or shower. Tile can come in a large variety of colors and textures, but it tends to hold mildew quite easily.
  • Simulated Tile: This material offers the look and feel of tile, but with the cost-saving and maintenance benefits of acrylic. Easy to clean and non-porous, you'll never have to worry about bacteria buildup.

Once your material is chosen, you can select which color or pattern you'd like. A Sante Fe Listello accent trim is a great way to add texture to an otherwise flat shower wall.

Choosing the Right Brands

When investing in renovations, don't sacrifice quality with an inferior product. You'll be provided exceptional warranties and high-quality products by choosing the industry's top-rated brands. One of the best brands when it comes to bathroom materials is Bath Planet, a company that Palmetto Bath is proud to be partnered with.

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