We all spend a good chunk of time in the bathroom. Whether it’s getting ready to face the day or coming home in the evening and needing to wash away a hard day’s work down the drain in the shower. For those of us with limited mobility, the bathroom is where we need the most support. An ADA-compliant bathroom remodel can help you get clean while still being safe. Here are a few features that we can add to any bathroom remodel.

Grab Bars

Water and tile contribute to many common household falls that result in injuries. Your ADA bathroom remodel can be as simple as adding a few well-placed grab bars to help you keep your footing while getting in and out of the shower.

Low-Barrier Entry

Another element of an ADA-compliant bathroom remodel is the entry space. Most shower remodels can provide a no-barrier entry with a roll-in shower or a low-barrier entry with only 1-2 inches to step over. Both alternatives beat climbing over a two-foot-tall tub wall.

Ergonomic Seating

Whether you’re interested in a walk-in tub with comfortable seating or a safe way to get clean in the shower, you have options. Ask about shower chairs, built-in benches, or a walk-in tub with a handheld shower wand.

Easy-to-Reach Water Controls

Keep in mind that you may be standing or seated for at least a portion of the time. Make sure that your ADA bathroom remodel includes easy-to-reach water controls and a handheld shower wand for safety and convenience.

The Bottom Line on ADA Bathroom Remodeling

Palmetto Baths is a company that can take the headache away from bathtub and shower installation and replacement. We have over 20 years of experience in the field serving South Carolina, NE Georgia, and the Palmetto area. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation home assessment and get your free quote today. We offer fair and competitive pricing with attractive financing options with low payments. And to top it off we also have the best industry-leading warranties for all our work.

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