Looking to add a touch of classic charm to your home in South Carolina or Northeast Georgia? Then you can’t go wrong with the look of marble, a material that’s been used worldwide for thousands of years.

You don’t have to spring for real marble—which is heavy, expensive, and hard to install—to enjoy its timeless beauty, either. Just check out these four bathroom remodeling ideas inspired by real marble but crafted by Bath Planet and installed by Palmetto Bath.

1. Calcutta Marble

The Calcutta Marble pattern is a bold, bright white marble with thick veining in a range of grayish shades. Real Calcutta marble comes not from India but from Italy, specifically the Tuscany region. This real version of this marble is very rare, which gives this pattern a luxurious appeal.

What goes well with Calcutta Marble bath surrounds? Try the following:

  • White or Gray Tub Base
  • Lots of Whites and Grays for the Walls, Shelving, and Vanity
  • Silvery Chrome Hardware and Accent Details
  • Hexagonal Tile Patterns for Accent Walls
  • Minimal Wall Décor and Live Plants

2. Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble is another whitish marble, and the real stone also comes from Italy. Compared to Calcutta, however, the Carrara Marble pattern is a bit softer. Less veiny and more speckled, this marble pattern has somewhat lighter detailing but a more textured look.

Carrara Marble bath or shower surrounds work very well with:

  • White or Gray Bathtub Basins
  • Chrome Detailing for the Faucet, Drain, Towel Racks, Etc.
  • Clean, Modern Décor in Cool Tones
  • Mini Subway Tiling That Mimics the Tighter Marbling
  • Light Linens for an Airy Look or Dark Linens for a Dramatic Look

3. Pompeii Marble

Pompeii Marble is darker than the Calcutta or Carrara Marble patterns, and its gray-beige tone can be styled either warm or cool. Choose a white or gray tub base if you’re leaning into the cool side of the spectrum, or opt for a warmer biscuit, almond, or sandbar if you want to bring out the more earthy tans. Both options look gorgeous in homes of any age.

Thanks to the versatile neutral tone, this wall pattern works especially well as a tile shower using any of Bath Planet’s beautiful patterns:

  • 12x12” Slate
  • Windmill
  • Subway
  • Roman Block
  • Hexagonal
  • And More!

Want an even richer and deeper tone with more browns? Then consider Bianco Travertine. This classy pattern exudes luxury and goes especially well with darker accents, like black picture frames or rich jewel-tone linens. Go for polished brass hardware details to round out the rich feel.

4. Silver/White Marble

If all of the marble-inspired patterns above are a bit too dramatic for your taste, consider the understated beauty of the Silver/White Marble pattern. A very light color with just a tiny hint of veining and texturing, this pattern is one of Bath Planet’s most popular design options.

Silver/White Marble wall surrounds would work in any bathroom, but they’re especially great for making a smaller bathroom feel more open and airy. To maximize the effect, choose other inviting details like these:

  • A Spacious Walk-in Shower with a Barrier-Free Base
  • Frameless Glass Shower Walls
  • Beautiful Sliding Glass Doors
  • Large Mirrors to Reflect Light and Expand the Space
  • Linens and Bath Rugs in a Light Color

Because Silver/White Marble is so understated, it’s another great candidate for any of Bath Planet’s beautiful faux tiling. Pair it with a comfortable walk-in tub for a serious bathing retreat!

Start Designing Your Marble-Inspired Bathroom Today

No matter which of these ideas sounds best for your home in South Carolina or Northeast Georgia, it’s easy to get started. Palmetto Bath has more than 20 years of experience, works with in-house experts, and offers free design consultations! Reach out to our Bath Planet experts to see a sample of our marble patterns and get a free cost estimate.

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