Sometimes, all we want to do when we get home from a tough day at work is to enjoy a long soak in the tub. But what if your current tub is too small or isn’t exactly appealing? When you’re dealing with one of these situations, consider upgrading your bathing area to include a walk-in tub. This style of tub is a convenient way to increase the level of comfort in your home.

Walk-in bathtubs are characterized by their ease of use and their luxurious design. Many people turn to walk-in designs rather than a traditional style due to accessibility concerns, but in truth, a walk-in tub adds elegance to any home.

Consider the fact that walk-in tubs are typically larger than other styles. Many of them, such as the ones we offer at Palmetto Bath, come equipped with hydrotherapy jets and controls that are simple to use. Another reason our walk-in tubs are known for creating a spa-like experience is the fact that they’re constructed from durable acrylic that’s a breeze to clean. With built-in seating, you can even walk right into the tub without worrying about slipping.

Accenting your walk-in tub with coordinating bath wall surrounds is another easy way to improve the look of your bathroom and recreate the atmosphere of your favorite spa. Consider light colors like pastels to keep the space cheery and bright.

Besides the bathtub itself, don’t forget to add other relaxing elements to your bathroom to create a sanctuary for you to unwind in at the end of a long day. Many homeowners use candles to create a dim, calming atmosphere, while others turn to aromatherapy scents like lavender and eucalyptus to invite peace and tranquility into their home. Playing soft instrumental music can enhance the spa experience, as can incense.

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